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500 Quartzite Matarazzo Polished

500 Quartzite Matarazzo Polished

Quartzite is a type of Granite; a durable stone suitable for medium traffic areas such as kitchen and bathroom countertops.  It is a natural stone that can be porous, which means it does have some regular maintenance associated with it.  Using a chemical sealer once every 6 to 12 months is recommended to prevent staining and water marks. 

  • Included Location

    500 Series kitchen countertop and backsplash

  • Material

    Quartzite: Natural stone comes with diverse varation in colour and pattern. Samples and renderings are inteded to be merely suggestive of the final product installed in your home.

  • Pattern:

    • Significant Variability in pattern and colour
    • Blurred colour blocked with scribble
  • Finish