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  • What is the Design Studio App?
    Our Design Studio App is an invaluable tool that allows you to explore and customize your future home. You can click on any of our included and personal selection finishes and fixtures in our digital canvas to see how the combinations work together. The App calculates the costs for all the personal selections (upgrades) for your home, so you can design and plan your home according to your budget.
  • How can I access the Design Studio App?
    To ensure a quality viewing experience, the Design Studio App is available in both a web version and a tablet version. It can be accessed using any computer or tablet device. At this time, the App is not available on mobile devices. You can Click Here to download the Design Studio App.
  • When can I access the Design Studio App?
    When it is time for you to select the finishes for your suite, you will receive an email from the Design Studio at The Lobby inviting you to make your design selections. Once you receive this email, you will be able to access the Design Studio App. The timeframe for this process is dependent on the construction schedule for the community. We typically begin by contacting suites on the lower floors and work our way up the building. The timeline for contacting all homeowners can vary from 3 months to a year from the time we contact the first suites to the last suites. While you wait to be contacted for your design appointment, we welcome you to browse our Tridel Design Catalogue at any time to see some of the finishes currently being offered.
  • Why do I need to make my design selections so early?
    We generally confirm your design selections 1-2 years before occupancy, which may seem like a long time away! The design appointments for our communities is timed to ensure that we have all of your selections and requests confirmed prior to the concrete being poured for your floor. The reason we do this is to ensure that any electrical, mechanical or layout changes to your suite you make to your home can be applied (especially those that can affect the conduits (pipes) that are often inside the concrete). We also finalize finishes on a timeline that allows our trades to place material orders for the community with their suppliers. Since they are often requesting large amounts of materials, lead times can vary, and we do not want delays due to materials being unavailable in time.
  • What is/where can I access my login credentials for the App?
    Tridel has created a unique login account for you for the App and website. It is very important that the right email address is recorded in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS); this will be used as your login that will be created for you. The easiest way to get your login credentials is to go to, type in the email address you gave at the time of purchase (this can be found in you APS) and click "Forget Password?". If you have used the right email address you will receive an email that allows you to setup your password.
  • Why does the catalog not have pricing?
    When selecting your features and finishes, we want to ensure you have the most accurate pricing for each item. Since the purchase of your suite includes a set of standard selections (e.g. faucet, appliances, flooring) and those standards are different for each of our series (100-500), the price that we present to you for an upgraded item must represent the difference in cost from the original standard item in the original series. We must factor in the cost difference for upgrades within each of the series levels. We have included pricing for all these items in our App, which is programmed to be able to accurately calculate price differences for upgraded items, as well as cost differences based on the size of your suite.
  • Why can't I see my suite-specific electrical plan on the App?
    The App allows you to view your specific floor plan for your suite. However, for some communities, we do not show the electrical plan for every suite type, but rather an "electrical template" that shows how the electrical elements would be laid out in home similar to yours.If you are considering electrical upgrades to your suite, we recommend booking an appointment with a Design Consultant. They can prepare an electrical plan for your suite for you to review at the appointment.
  • How do I know which series my suite is?
    Refer to your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, specifically Schedule B. The title of the schedule usually includes the Series that is included for your suite.
  • I am not available during the appointment timeframe provided by the Design Studio at The Lobby. Can I defer my appointment until a later date?
    Your appointment is scheduled in alignment with the construction schedule. The Design Services team works closely with the Construction and Project management teams to ensure that we meet all construction timelines to help avoid delays. It is important that your design selections are completed within the timeframe provided as this will allow you the most flexibility when it comes to personalizing your suite. If you are unavailable within the timeframe for your suite, we have the following options available to you: · Virtual one-on-one appointments with a Design Consultant, · Selecting finishes using our Design Studio App, or · Selecting from designer packages curated by our Interior Design team. We can help you determine the best option for you. You can connect with us at 416.649.2520 or
  • I am unable to visit the Design Studio at The Lobby in person. How can I complete my design selections?
    If you are unable to visit the Design Studio in person, we have other options available for you: Virtual one-on-one appointments with a Design Consultant. A member of the Design Services team will walk you through the selection process, as well as make recommendations and answer any questions that you may have. Selecting finishes using our Design Studio App. Our App allows you to view the available finishes and create renderings that will help you visualize different selections in real-time. Once you have selected your finishes, the App makes it easy for you to confirm and finalize them. To help get you started, the App includes designer packages that have been curated by our Interior Design team. Appointing a Power of Attorney or Designate of Agent to select finishes on your behalf. You can have a family member or friend to attend the appointment for you to select your suite’s finishes. Contact the Design Services team for more information about appointing a representative.
  • How many appointments do I need to complete my design selections?
    We typically schedule one Design appointment for each homeowner to complete their design selections. This allows every homeowner the opportunity to visit our Design Studio at The Lobby. While most homeowners complete their design selections during their first visit, a second appointment can be booked if necessary. If you are not ready to finalize your design selections during your initial visit, our design consultants are happy to schedule additional follow-up appointments virtually. They are also available by phone or email if you have any questions or require assistance. If you intend to do a significant amount of personalization within your suite please let your Design Consultants know. They will work with you to create a custom plan and schedule.
  • Do I pick my parking and locker at the design appointment?
    Although there are a lot of decisions to make at this stage of your Tridel homeowner journey, parking and/or locker assignment is not one of them. As construction progresses for your community, our Sales team will contact you to specifically discuss parking and locker assignment. This process usually begins once our Construction teams have confirmed that the number of parking spaces and lockers has not changed with any as-built site conditions compared to when you purchased your home.
  • Do I have to upgrade my entire suite?
    No. While we have grouped all our finishes into a series (100-500) for ease of understanding, you are not required to upgrade from one entire series to another. You can upgrade the individual elements of your suite (e.g. flooring or countertop). Our app will show your available finishes as well as your upgrade options. Just select the option you are interested in to see the price associated with that selection.
  • What is considered an upgrade or personal selection item?
    Any change made to the floorplan, electrical plan, plumbing, appliances, or included finishes is considered an upgrade or personal selection item. Personal selections vary from moving a light fixture to redesigning a suite layout. All personal selections will have an additional cost associated with them as these items are outside of the initial contract.
  • What personal selections and/or changes can I make to my suite and how?
    Personal selection finishes such as countertops, cabinets, tiles, window coverings, and closet organizers are available in the Design Studio App for you to view. You will also be able to see the costs associated with each change and/or upgrade. These changes do not require the assistance of a Design Consultant. Electrical and mechanical changes include any suite redesigns, plumbing and appliance upgrades, and changes to the electrical plan or floorplan. More complex changes to these items may require the assistance of a Design Consultant, who may need to obtain a quote from our trade partners for these upgrades. Custom changes that require information from mechanical consultants and/or architects are subject to a non-refundable redesign fee. Your Design Consultant will let you know the redesign fee before providing a quote for the requested changes. Common electrical changes such as adding pot lights, capped ceiling outlets, and changes to certain appliances and plumbing fixtures, may already be pre-priced and can be finalized during your appointment.
  • What is the payment structure for upgrades?
    If the cost of your upgrades are under $10,000, 20% of the payment will be due at interim-closing and the remaining 80% of the payment will be due at final closing. If your upgrades total $10,000 or more, we collect a 20% deposit upon finalization of your design selections. The remaining 80% will be due at final closing. We recommend bringing a cheque to your design appointment so that you are able to finalize your selections at that time.
  • What type of payment is accepted?
    We accept only cheques or bank drafts as payment, which then goes into a trust account. Cheques or bank drafts can be dropped off at The Lobby (4800 Dufferin Street, Entrance B) by scheduling a time with your Design Consultant. If you are unable to visit our head office, payment can be couriered to us or dropped off at one of our Sales centres. Your Design Consultant will help arrange this with you.
  • What is FINTRAC?
    In accordance with FINTRAC (The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada), when providing payment, your Design Consultant might ask you for a copy of your ID (either a driver’s license or passport), as well as ask you to fill out additional forms. FINTRAC puts this process in place in an effort to detect and prevent illegal activity while also ensuring the protection of personal information under its control. For more information, please visit the Government of Canada’s website here.
  • How can I view my design selections after I have finalized them?
    After you have finalized your design selections, you will receive an email from DocuSign with a completed copy of your design agreement. You can also access the agreement through the Design Studio App by clicking on your finalized selection and clicking “View Agreement”. Once the selection has been finalized, you will no longer be able to view renderings in the Design Studio App. Since the design agreements provide a written list of the finishes you selected, we encourage you to take photos of your finishes during your design appointment so that you can view your finishes after you have finalized them. You can also save screenshots of the renderings in the Design Studio App as you move through each room.
  • Can I make changes to my selection after I have finalized?
    Once you finalize your design selections, they are sent to our Construction and Project Management teams who then place the orders with our trades and manufacturers. These orders are often placed two years prior to the installation. Making changes to selections will depend on what stage of construction your suite is at and whether the Construction team and trades are still able to accommodate changes. If we are still able to be accommodate the change, there will be a $500 administrative fee associated with that change.
  • What happens if a finish that I selected gets discontinued?
    Tridel works with many different trades and manufacturers on every project. Although it is rare, sometimes manufacturers discontinue certain products between the time your selections have been finalized and the time the finishes get installed. When this occurs, the Design Services team will source a replacement product that is of equivalent quality and value, and similar aesthetic, to your originally selected finish. You will receive an email notice from The Lobby should any of your finishes be discontinued.
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