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500 Quartz Airy Concrete

500 Quartz Airy Concrete

Quartz is manufactured by combining stone aggregates of different sizes and colours with binders. It is then compressed in a precise manufacturing process to produce a durable finish. This manufactured stone is comparatively non-porous (compared to natural stones), does not need to be sealed and is resistant to stains and scratches.


Our designers have curated a collection of quality quartz whose designs are inspired by natures beauty.  

SKU: 4044
  • Included Location

    • 500 Series kitchen countertop and backsplash
    • 500 Series Bathroom countertop and threshold
  • Material

    Quartz: A  highly durable, low maintenance manufactured slab. 

  • Pattern:

    Clouded swirls with granulated scribble

  • Finish

    Subtle Polish

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