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400 Marble Bianco Carrara Polish

400 Marble Bianco Carrara Polish

Marble is a softer stone suitable for low traffic areas such as  bathroom countertops.  It is a natural stone that can be porous, which means it does have some regular maintenance associated with it.  Using a chemical sealer once every 6 to 12 months is recommended to prevent staining and water marks. Even sealed marbles are still susceptible to staining. 


Due to it's succeptibility to staining we do not recommend Marble be installed as kitchen countertops. 

  • Included Location

    400 Series bathroom countertop and shower threshold

  • Material

    Marble: Natural stone comes with diverse varation in colour and pattern. Samples and renderings are inteded to be merely suggestive of the final product installed in your home.

  • Pattern:

    • Significant Variability in pattern and colour
    • Medium grain,  contrasting coloured medium sized swirling movement. 
  • Finish